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Site Materials

Silt Fence

silt fence silt fence

Silt Fences are widely used in places where erosion control is needed to protect nearby waterways from storm water runoff usually caused by soil disturbed in land grading and construction projects. The typical silt fence consists of a long piece of synthetic fabric, also known as geotextile or filter fabric, that is stretched between a series of wooden or metal fence stakes. Silt fencing is normally installed on the down-slope side of the area to be effected and should be installed on a site before any soil disturbance begins. As the storm water or runoff passes through the fence it is filtered by the fabric and the sediment accumulates on the uphill side of the silt fence.

The following grades of silt fencing and supplies are available through The Stone Store:

  • Contractor's Grade Silt Fence
  • D.O.T. Spec Silt Fence
  • Pre-Pocketed Silt Fence
  • Black Wire Backed Silt Fence
  • Nominal Oak Stakes
  • Mesh Backing
  • Super Silt Fence Kits
  • Channel Post
  • Steel T-Post
  • Super Silt Fence Pliers
  • Fencing Pliers

Available in Bulk Rolls: A wide variety of high quality woven geotextile silt fence fabrics can be ordered in easily manageable 300' rolls or economical bulk rolls. Choose from a variety of styles and specifications to meet your needs. Call The Stone Store at 888-766-4242 for more information about specs and quantities available.

Safety Fence

Safety Fence

The Stone Store sells a variety of safety fencing that can be used for construction applications or as a warning barrier for snow, sand, and crowds. Let us know what you need, we can customize the size and style to your specifications.
Call 888-766-4242 for more information.

safety fence

Concrete Block

concrete block

Also known as Cinder Block, our block is Certified to meet the highest industry standards. Available in various sizes, call The Stone Store 888-766-4242 for more information.

Sizes we currently have in-stock:

  • Full Block 8x8x16
  • Half Block 4x8x16
  • Solid Units 4x8x16 (for retaining wall base, capping, etc)

Soil Stabilization


The Stone Store is a distributor of Curlex, Coir Mat, and various other soil stabilization products. Our soil stabilization and soil erosion control products are specifically formulated for unpaved roadways, shoulders, paths, trails, slopes, construction sites and indoor and outdoor arenas. For more information about soil stabilization products, call: 888-766-4242

Rolled Curlex
Rolled Curlex
Straw Close Up
Straw CloseUp
Curlex CloseUp
Curlex CloseUp

Construction Mats

Deck Mat Road

The Stone Store offers a variety of construction matting solutions to fit your construction needs:

  • Log Mats
  • Deck Mats
  • Crane Mats
  • Laminated Mat
  • Landing Gear Mats
Deck Mats

Due to the nature of our earth's products: color, exact sizing, and special characteristics cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware of computer monitors and desktop printers when selecting colors whereas they may appear different from the actual. Please visit our Terms and Conditions quality section for further details.